BUTTER-Removable Beast

I can’t find a whole lot of info about Butter, but I can tell you this: They’re damn good.  It’s indie folk/rock, with absolute zero twee factor, featuring the beautiful voice of Lisena Brown, along with tight guitar work, sweet harmonies, some wonderful cello interludes, and solid rhythm on the hooks.

And the lyrics!  How can you not dig verses as complex and insightful as this: “Call me when you get off probation/We can go get a root beer float/You’re out riding those bedsheets again/Here I thought you were my friend/All this time you were a cookie cutter man.”  Or a chorus that cries: “This is our church/Here in a house/Made up of smoke and wooden ghosts.”  The music is mysterious, beautiful, and romantic.

The band hails from Missoula, and this is their debut CD.

The album is three bucks.  Three bucks!  C’mon you cheap bastards, chip in and encourage the artist!

House Collapse

Wooden Ghosts

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