EFREN-Rise On Up And Melt

I have to admit—the first song on Efren’s latest album, Rise On Up And Melt, left me cold, and I was about to file it under “nothing new here” but something stopped me.  Something subtle.  Something called, “Over Our Borders.”  This track hit me right between the eyes, and suddenly, I got it: It’s southern psychedelia.  Who else is doing that?

Efren’s album is hypnotic and deceptive.  Yeah, it’s lo-fi Southern rock, and that’s not exactly fresh, but the accents, the moods, the flourishes…It’s like Drive-By Truckers on a morphine drip.  Or Cowboy Junkies on speed.  Not sure which.

This is an album that gets more rewarding with repeated listens. And although I don’t touch the stuff myself, I imagine it goes down well with a joint.

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