I’ve been supporting The Features, whether albums or EPs (“Contrast” was one of the best EPs of 2007), since their 2005 debut.  I wish I could find my first post in  them, but this site was attacked by the RIAA back in 2007, and I lost everything from before that time.  Sigh.

But back to the review: “The Wilderness” is their third abulm, and it’s more great hook-filled indie pop.  Lead singer Matt Pelham’s voice has developed–it’s rougher, and more comfortable being tough–which gives the band greater range and a more mature sound, but he still can sound a little bit like a member of Dr. Teeth’s Electric Mayhem (particularly on “Another One”).  And I don’t mean that as an insult–part of the charm of this band is that his voice is so distinct, you can’t forget hearing it.  And, coupled with the great hooks and songwriting, you can’t “unhear” it either; many of these songs will kick around your head for days.  This album is exactly what I expected when I received it for review.  And thank God for that.


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