Witches have what I’ve come to call the “Jagjaguwar” sound.  Even though they’re not on that label.  Their music is often grinding and murky, with shadows and echo and low harmonies . . . But then the band will take a left turn, on a song like “Forget,” and bring in hooks that almost . . . Sunny?  Oh, and the lead singer is a girl!?!

This is one of the most surprising albums I’ve heard this year.  With a few exceptions like The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, most indie girls are singing folk, pop, or retro tunes.  It’s great to hear singer/guitarist Cara Satalino deliver her songs with power and grace.  It recalls The Breeders, almost, with shades of Liz Phair.

And this power trio are tremendously versatile.  The album starts dark but goes into the light with the song “Count to Ten” and ends with ironically upbeat “Disappointment.”

Witches’ debut album isn’t just good: It’s better with repeat listens.  Check it out.

On Bakery Outlet Records.

Creature of Nature

Black Dog



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