Would you dig a band based on one song?  Plenty of folks do, I suppose.  It must be.  Girl, you know it’s true–because Milli Vanilli won a grammy.

The Alternates‘ “Spiders and Webs” EP is the debut of this Los Angeles pop band, and overall the EP is pretty good.  But it’s the single, “Modern Way,” that brought it from the “review” to the “thanks, but no thanks” pile for me.  The band has a very “L.A.” sound–slick, well-produced, and tight.  That’s not a bad thing, but it’s a tough thing to raise from just good to really good to great.

“The Modern Way” is a great single.  The kind you feel like you’ve heard before the first time you hear it, so you scratch your head as you hum along and ask “Why do I know this song?”  Pop thrives on that kind of instant familiarity–it’s what makes pop popular: Everyone likes it, ’cause it’s not strange, scary or off-putting.  It’s fun!

Good stuff.  Check it out below. The Modern Way by The Alternates

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