– Love that Mystique vs. Smurfs panel….More cool stuff at Canaan’s site.

– NYC Taper has Deervana!  (Deer Tick covering Nirvana.)  Go here.  And if you’re a big Deer-Tick-As-Cover-Band fan, check these out:

Still Crazy After All These Years (Paul Simon)

Nebraska (Bruce Springsteen)

Tim’s got a piece on a new band called Fanzine, who are terrific.  But I can’t find any of their albums….

– Leftboy is still making fun music. His latest is a remix with the Pirates of the Carribean theme. Left Boy-Jack Sparrow. Get his last free album here. Cool music, for the price of an e-mail.

– Mystic Chords of Memory has a Public Enemy bootleg.  P.E. in full effect, brutha!!!!

– Stranger Dance has an interview with Delta Spirit.

– Oneida have a new album out!  Here’s the “single,” Horizon.

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