AARON THOMAS-“Follow the Elephants”

Today, a review of a 2008 release that wasn’t submitted to me until this year.  Tasmanian Aaron Thomas’ debut album, “Follow the Elephants.”  You’ve gotta love any record that begins with a song called, “Descending,” moves through “Wasted or Crazy” before getting to “Down to Earth,” and ends with “Finish Me.”  Just from the song titles, you can tell there’s a theme here.  The music is very similar to Radiohead, which is not a bad thing.  I’m not a big Radiohead fan (I like ‘em, but I’m not a fanatic), but Thomas manages to take the things I enjoy the most about Radiohead, i.e., songs with haunting melodies and plaintive vocals, while avoiding the out-there experimentation that, in my frank and controversial opinion, keeps the listener at an emotional distance.  Rather than run from a heart-connection with his audience, Thomas fully engages, with impassioned songs about people and relationships, and the true meaning of
home.  If I had to cite another musical connection here, I’d probably go with Citizen Cope.  Thomas’ voice is smoother, to be sure, but the content and songwriting style is just as visceral.

This is a very good record, and I can’t wait to hear his next one.

Aw C’Mon

Thinking is Unproductive


Daytona 500 (panzah zandahz iron lung remix)0-Ghostface Killah (YSI)

Fake Plastic Trees-Jeff Tweedy (YSI)

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