LITTLE BROTHERS-Nostalgia Trip 2011 (EP)

Everyone with a computer can be a musician at Bandcamp.  But not everyone can be good.  It’s that little corollary that makes me happy when I hear Little Brothers.

Yeah, there’s a lot here you’ve heard before at the hands of Clap Hands Say Yeah, Arcade Fire, and any number of blog-fave indie rock bands: Shouting and shrieking, fast guitar, driven bass-and-drum lines, male-dominated vocals…But there’s also some new stuff.  “I Miss Those Days” combines an island rhythm and a reverence for the past with the afore-mentioned modern indie conventions to create a truly new sound.  Kinda like indie calypso.  This is the tune that sold me on Little Brothers.

Then I heard “Seeing” and I was sold again.  Indie heavy metal soul?!?  Who the hell are these guys, and why aren’t they all over the blogosphere?

Oh yeah, and there’s sax on this thing, too.  All buttah, baby.

Buy it at Bandcamp.  You can name your price.  Hint: If you name zero dollars, you’ll get some free tunes.  But you’ll also be an ungrateful music scrounger.  Let your conscience be your guide.


Download little brothers seeing

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