Gang Gang Dance‘s Saint Dymphana coulda and shoulda been the best album of 2008–it was a fascinating blend of beats, sounds of instruments and vocals, world music and indie rock . . . And it was made by a Brooklyn band! Shame on me for not putting it in my top 10. Well, not one to make the same mistake twice, I’m here to tell you that the band’s 5th album, “Eye Contact,” is even better than that last one.

It’s also even more obtuse.

With strong Middle Eastern/India influences, the band has broadened its already vast approach to making music. Few of the songs clock in at under five minutes, and that’s not because the band lacks craft or overstuffs their material: It really takes that long to say what they need to say. Each song transports the listener into a distinct universe, with a sense of movement and time…It’s like M.I.A. swallowed Kate Bush and got Peter Gabriel’s clone, who was raised in India by a cult of LCD Soundsystem-worshipping fans of the movie Trainspotting.

In short: Freaking awesome. Highest recommendation.


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Chinese High (from their 4AD session)

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