Lots of FREE all-covers albums available this week–my in-box runneth over.  Here’s my “top 10” new cover feasts going on right now!


10.  BUSBUS offers “f/yuck”, an all-covers album featuring the songs of Pedro the Lion, Johanna Newsome, Velvet Underground, and more.  Free from Bandcamp.

9.  FROM EXILE offer an EP of Nine Inch Nails covers.  It’s metal takes on Reznor’s industrial metal sound, so you won’t find radically different takes on the tunes, but it’s still pretty solid work.  Go here.

8.  KELLY PARDEKOOPER.  In the first of several archive offerings, check out this barburning crooner’s 2010 set, recently posted here, with a bunch of cool classic rock covers, including this great version of Sympathy for the Devil.

7.  WEATHERSTAR will hit you with a 4-song EP of covers of Britney Spears, The Scene Aesthetic, Dashboard Confessional and The Starting Line.  All for the price of an e-mail addy.  Sign up here.

6.  JOHNNY FALSTAFF.  A new live set posted at the archive has some really great classic country gems on it.  Get it here.  My favorite?  Doin’ My Time by Johnny Cash.

5.  NEIL YOUNG TRIBUTE.  A tribute webalbum called “Headed for the Ditch can be bought-for-nothin’ here.  It’s a “coming together” of Bandcamp bands.  There’s a bunch of songs you’d expect to see here (After The Gold Rush, Helpless, Sugar Mountain) but some less-covered ones as well, like See The Sky About To Rain and Cripple Creek Ferry.  In all, a solid gathering of tribes and vibes.

4.  RYAN ADAMS.  Tons of RA covers are up at Cover Me.  I already had them, but if you don’t, you’ll probably want a bunch.

3.  MIKE MIZWINSKI has a remarkably high quality new live set posted on the archive, with covers of Grateful Dead, Allmans, and many others–acoustic-like.  It’s very, very good.  You definitely want to go get it here.

2. COVER LAY DOWN. I haven’t pointed y’all to this blog in a while. It’s a good one.

1.  MAYER HAWTHORNE covers classic R&B on his covers EP.  Love his take on “Work To Do,” which is probably one of my all-time favorite golden oldies anyway.  Here’s the full set:

1. Work to Do (The Isley Brothers cover)
2. Don’t Turn the Lights On (Chromeo cover)
3. You’ve Got the Makings of a Lover (The Festivals cover)
4. Fantasy Girl (Steve Salazaar cover)
5. Little Person (Jon Brion cover)
6. Mr. Blue Sky (ELO cover)
Get it here.

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