COVERS ON FRIDAZE: George Michael, Baby! A to Z.

A is for Another A to Z post.  These used to be real popular, but I don’t seem to get as much hype from them anymore.  So, if you want them to continue, please hype me, stumble me, digg me, whatever.  A will then before Appreciate it.

No! Not THAT George Michael!

B is for Busker/Faith-Mara.  It’s also for Be Patient.  The zip file is below.

C is for Careless Whisper-The Gossip.

E is for Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey (beatles/george michael)-My Brightest Diamond. Brilliant.

F is for Faith by The Boy Least Likely To.

G is for Green Tag’s Grateful Dead influenced version of I Want Your Sex.

H is for Movin’ On Up (Jeffersons)/Faith-Ernie Halter. And you will be shocked at how well these two songs blend together.

I is for Canine’s pop-punk take on I Want Your Sex.

J is for Jim James.  Careless Whisper-My Morning Jacket. How the hell does he sing this without a drop of irony?

Holy Crap! They're covering my songs!

M is for Wake Me Up Before You Go Go-Shawn Mullins.  Probably my favorite cover here.  It’s a totally different song, and yet it’s exactly the same.  This is how covers should sound.  Fanfreakingtastic.

N is for Faith-Natural Breakdown. Urgent, bluesy. Almost like if Xtina was a guy and backed by The Black Keys. Truly. You gotta hear this to believe it.

O is the shape of the holes you can drive through this A to Z. There just aren’t a lot of good George Michael covers out there…

R is for Rufus.  Careless Whisper-Ben Folds and Rufus Wainwright

W is for Careless Whisper-Welcome to Florida.

Z is for a Zip file of all the songs!

Alternate link.

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