THE DOGS-Camping

I don’t know much about The Dogs.  Try doing the research yourself.  Just Google “Dogs Camping” and see what you find.  See what I mean?  But here’s what I do know: Their album is free on Bandcamp–it’s name your price, and you can name zero bucks.  Now, I could be a wiseass and say it’s worth every penny, but I won’t because that would be doing an uncool thing to a really cool band. Most of the stuff you find on Bandcamp is junk, but The Dogs’ album is really, really good. It’s pure pop–fun, bouncy, hooky, with plenty of handclaps and harmonies, lots of jangly guitars and quick drum riffs. No, it doesn’t all work–but most of it does. And it works more than well enough to leave you wanting more.

Check it out.

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