NATHAN MOORE-Dear Puppeteer

I think you should listen to Nathan Moore’s Dear Puppeteer at least twice.  Because the lyrics are really good, but the first time through it’s hard to notice them over the great guitar work and vocals.  Moore uses his voice like an instrument–just the sound of it, the rising and falling, the whispers and creaks–it’s got all of Bob Dylan’s emotion, without the sound of cats being killed by cheese graters.  But if you get swept away in the musicality of it, you’ll miss the words–and that would be a big mistake.  Moore sings about human, emotional truths.

He’s on a par with Leonard Cohen, John Prine, Steve Van Zandt, Jack and Jorma . . . All the road-tested veterans of classic rock/folk.  If this were the 1980s, 1980s, or even the ’90s, he’d be famous.  But with the music business being what it is, you’ll have to be content to hear about him from me, and go check him out.  There’s no space in the world anymore for overnight sensations who have the ability to grow a song out of nothing–to sit in a room with nothing but a guitar, a throat, and an idea, and create something beautiful.

On record label Royal Potato Family–st8 outta Brooklyn, baby!!!

Oh, and Nathan Moore publicly supports Archive.Org.  That makes him a hero.  You can stream all his stuff at his own site, so I thought I’d offer some live nuggets…They are all direct DLs.  Enjoy.

Walkin’ Talkin’ Round Town Blues.

Like a Cartoon


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