True geeks have already read today’s post about the world of comic books, in which I revealed that several star writers returning to Marvel Comics (Ennis!  Rucka!  Waid!).  But if you prefer your media to move for you, hit the break for the latest on supertoons, TV shows, and flicks, and more, like the new Captain America trailer, the possibility of a Daredevil film, and the latest on Wonder Woman….



The 1990 Captain America movie is coming out on DVD in a “Directors Cut” format.  Basically, it’ll be about a half hour longer.  More misery.  Bet that’s not the Cap movie you thought you’d be reading about, is it?  Well, the blitz is full-on for the new movie coming on July 22 (what, not on the fourth?!?), with lots of still shots having been released, and even a clip of Cap throwing his shield in the new official 1-minute trailer.  The trailer is the first extended look at the “period piece” aspect of the film, and it does look and feel authentic.  There’s also a funny shot of pre-Super Steve using a garbage can lid as a Cap shield; more details about his relationship to Bucky in the film (they’ll have been pals from the ‘hood); shots of Sharon Carter and Dum Dum Dugan in his bowler hat; Howard Stark; really awesome Hydra vehicles (that admittedly don’t look very 1940s-ish, but who cares as long as they’re cool); and a reveal that, unlike the comic book character, WW2 Red Skull actually has a red skull—not a mask.  And, of course, he throws his mighty shield.  In all, the movie is (finally) looking to be really, really good.  I’ve had doubts about this one from the beginning, particularly in its choice of director and star, but I’m starting to get convinced.  Check it out:


Darren Aronofsky dropped the project “to be with his family.”  What is this?  I thought he was Hollywood, not D.C.?  I thought only politicians used that excuse for a ditch!  In the wreckage left behind, Hugh Jackman says he still wants to make the movie (which I believe), as does FOX (which I don’t).  If X-Men: First Classs does well, the studio will have a younger cast to play with and they’ll dump Hugh in a second.  Hugh is just too old for the role now.  If you asked me, they should ditch the idea of doing a Logan-in-Japan movie and do Old Man Logan.  It would probably be a cooler movie, and they could probably make it fairly inexpensively.  Of course, Marvel Studios would have to be a part of it.


In an LA Timesinterview, David E. Kelly says doing a super-hero show is “way out of my comfort zone.”  In addition to the reveal of her costume (pictured), he talked about how the show will be about the character and her “emotional journey . . . Not so much her super powers but what it’s like to go home at the end of the day.”  Fine, whatever, David.  But if she doesn’t kick some major ass and have lots of bondage scenes, she ain’t Wonder Woman.  Kelly’s a wordplay guy—if they over-intellectualize this show, it’s toast.  The costume has pants, so we’re already digging ourselves out of a hole here.


Although it’s appeared already in Japan, and there’s an inked
deal with the G4 network, still no specific release date for the four 12-part Marvel Anime programs featuring Iron Man, Wolverine, X-Men, and Blade.  However, Marvel has said that the stories are based on Warren Ellis’ work with those characters.  I think that means we’ll be seeing animated versions of Astonishing X-Men and the Iron Man: Extremis storyline (one of the best Iron Man tales of all time).  I wasn’t a big fan of Ellis’ take on Wolverine as a solo character, but it will probably be better as a cartoon.  Note: The series is ridiculously violent and bloody.  Again, can’t wait.


DD MOVIE? Marvel is in talks with David “30 Days of Night” Slade to reboot the best Marvel character ever to be featured in the worst Marvel movie.

GREEN LANTERN: EMERALD KNIGHTS. Taking its cues from Marvel, DC is releasing an animated DVD to coincide with the feature film release.  Emerald Knights will focus on the Corps—along with Hal Jordan—versus Krona.  The last GL DVD was pretty darn good—in fact, most of DC’s animated projects are good.

MEN IN BLACK 3. The film started shooting without a script.  There’s no alternate reality in which this is good news.

ULTIMATE ANIMATED SPIDER-MAN. Marvel has confirmed that superstars Paul Dini and Brian Michael Bendis are on the writing chores, and that at least two scripts are done.  They also confirmed that concept art will be provided by great Marvel artists including Ed McGuinness, Stuart Immonen and even Joe Quesada himself.

AVENGERS: EARTH’S MIGHTIEST HEROES. The second or third best supercartoon ever (behind Teen Titans Go! and possibly behind Young Justice, but the jury is still out on that) will return to the air right about the time Thor hits the big screen.  Can’t wait.

REMAINS. Steve Niles original graphic novel about zombies is being developed as a TV Movie for cable’s Chiller channel.  I get the channel, but I’ve never watched anything on it.  Anyway, it’s nice to see some more love for indie OGNs.


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