MAILBAG!–Featuring Sneakas

A Moment’s Worth, Start Where You Are.

Horrible album cover. Good band. Good power pop.

Check ’em out:

Start Where You Are

I also like the new Rural Alberta Advantage single, North Star.

But the real star of this post is . . .

. . . In the hip hop department, we got the great MC Serch (3d Bass Fans, let me hear you!) presenting the newest Meshuguna rapper phenomenon, Sneakas.  It tries a little too hard at spots, but it’s a solid mixtapes with some very good beats, tight verses, and even a few laugh-at-loud moments.  The best is the single, “Hebonics 101”, a take on the legendary Big L’s “Ebonics.  He doesn’t rap to make a change to be a prophet, he raps to make change to make a profit.  This one is growing on me more with each listen.  And it’s free.  What a mensch!

Get the whole mixtape here (follow link).

And speaking of rap music for free, can always be counted on for some cool, off-the-wall hip hop.  They’ve dropped a single from Kats’ upcoming “You Owe Me $5” (presumably named after the price on bandcamp that you won’t pay after you download it for free).

You Owe Me $5

But you can also find, on their site, their latest pirate project.  This time, they jack beats from The Pixies and have a party on top of them.  I just copped it (for free, of course), and can’t wait to hear it.  I still have their Bohemian Rap CD project and “Flaming Clipse,” both of which are fresh as hell.  I love this internet label, so you should too.

Tic Tic Boom, Reasons & Rhymes.

Slightly (but not much) better album cover than A Moments Worth. Slightly better power pop. Reminds me of Blondie a little bit.

Fun album to listen to–good for a party, or if you’re making out with a Freshman. Not that I speak from experience, of course. I’m just assumin’.

Check it out:

Just Friends

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