Hasan Salaam is one of my favorite modern rappers, so when I heard he’d started up a new project–called Mohammad Dangerfield–there was no question I’d be on board.  Alongside another rapper named Rugged N Raw, this duo has created the first great rap album of 2011. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for flow, lyricism, beats or raw power: It’s all here. No cliche references, no common rhymes, no made-up gangsta stories . . . Just pure honesty, empowering philosophy, creative, thoughtful music. Like Marvin Gaye was to soul, like Pearl Jam was to grunge, like Warren Zevon was to classic rock, Mohammad Dangerfield bring depth and heart to a genre that for the past ten to twenty years has been choking on its own vomit. More and more each year, hip hop has been proving that it has nothing left to say. And if doesn’t want to go the way that rock and roll finally seems to have gone, then real heads need to start bobbing to albums like this one.

You might not agree with everything you hear here: It’s heavily Muslim influenced, anti-abortion . . . But it’s never simplistic about it. Think of it as a grittier Chuck D for the 21st Century. And it’s not all darkness and rage. There’s plenty of love and faith and humor in there, too. It’s complex–like a real person. No cypher. Not phony or easy to pigeonhole. Listen to it with an open mind, and listen carefully so you don’t miss a word.

And, again, it’s the best rap album of 2011 so far. And I can’t see how a better one will be coming any time soon.

Hero Sandwich-MD


The Uprock Hasan Salaam Ft. Masta Ace

Plus, they’re giving away a free mixtape at their website.  Follow that link or click here for the sendspace link.

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