I have to confess–the first thing I thought of when I heard the first song, “Little Bit of Heart,” on Madison Square Gardeners’ latest EP, “Teeth of Champions,” I thought of Tom Petty.  Then, when the second song, “Record Store,” came on, I thought of Jill Sobule–along with Deep Purple (that guitar bit at the end of the chorus sounds exactly like “My Woman From Tokyo.”)  So, imagine my surprise when I say in their press release that they’ve actually toured as Sobule’s backing band?

But lest you think they’re nothing but derivative, let me assure you: This Brooklyn band have cramed 20 minutes of good, solid rock and roll/pop on this EP.  There’s not a bad song in the bunch.  Full of crisp lead vocals and harmonies, hooks that are as catchy as hell,and a slightly Southern feel that gives the band more texture than you usually find in pop rock.  I understand they’ve got a few other EPs out.  Time for an album, boys.  Let’s see what you can do with gears all open and wide road in front of you.

Get it for five bucks at Bandcamp.


Catch ’em on tour in March!

March 12 – Columbus, OH – Rumba Café
March 13 – Indianapolis, IN – Melody Inn
March 14 – St. Louis, MO – Off Broadway
March 15 – Dallas, TX – LaGrange
March 17 – Austin, TX – Texas Tornado @ Rusty Spurs – Tijuana Gift Shop party
March 20 – New Orleans, LA – Hi Ho Lounge
March 21 – Nashville, TN – The Basement
March 22 – Chattanooga, TN – JJ’s Bohemia
Mach 23 – Lexington, KY – Green Lantern
March 24 – Cleveland, OH – The Grog Shop
March 25 – Lakewood, OH – The Avenue Tap House
March 26 – Pittsburgh, PA – Brillobox
April 1 – Brooklyn, NY – Southpaw
April 2 – Boston, MA – Lizard Lounge


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