Tell me that isn’t the coolest album cover you’ve seen in a long, long time!  Chad Kichula‘s self-released debut “The Killer” owes much to Johnny Cash lyrically, even if the music is more for saloon brawls than moping broken hearts clubbers.  I’ve listened to this album straight through twice already, and I liked it even better the second time.  The man’s been making music since at least 2005, and his craft feels road-tested.  Whether it’s fast-moving cuts like “Over Me” and the title song, or slower, gentler acoustic songs like “Old Miner Road,” Kichula creates atmosphere and mood immediately, immersing the listener–he’s not just singing a song.  He’s painting a picture.

Great stuff. Check it out.

For fans of: Born in the USA era Springsteen; Steve Earle; Drive-By Truckers.


Old Miner Road

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