HONEY PIES-Think of England

“Think of England” is the title of the bandcamp-released debut by Australian unsigned foursome The Honey Pies. But don’t worry–the music is a hell of a lot better than the band’s name.

If you don’t already know, Australia is kind of a hotbed for cool indie rock. The Honey Pies have that organic, slightly rough sound common to many Aussie rockers, but they’ve also got wit. One of their song titles, “Don’t Mention the War,” is a nod to a line from my favorite episode of Fawlty Towers. Hell, that alone gets them some free publicity on my site. But there’s definitely more to them than that–the piano and bass guitar work, in particular, is stellar. And each song is tightly crafted–and well worth the price of admission.

A very good debut. Check it out on January 10th, when it’s officially released, stream it on bandcamp, or taste the songs offered below . . .

Get it Right


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