The best-titled awards show in the business nominated a bunch of head-scratchers this year, didn’t they?  For best dramatic movie, there’s one that nobody will see because it’s impossible to tell what it’s about (Black Swan); the obligatory Anglophile entry, The King’s Speech, also that nobody will see; the “actor comeback” movie, The Fighter, that actually looks good but is it really the best of the year?; and then two movies that actually mattered this year: Inception and The Social Network.  Look to Inception to win.

For best “musical or comedy” film, we’ve got RED competing against a bunch of crap.  RED—which I loved—will never win because the prize will go to The Kids Are All Right or Alice in Wonderland.  But can someone please explain how Burlesque even got a nom?

And how did Un Prophet not get nominated for Best Foreign Language Film?  There’s a huge head scratcher.

It was nice to see The Walking Dead nominated for best TV Drama, but how did Dexter get in there?  Talk about running on fumes, this year’s story was outlandish even by that show’s standards and, frankly, the quick wrap up didn’t even make sense.  And nominating Hugh Laurie for best actor on House?  Was there just nobody else to nominate this year?  And speaking of running on fumes: 30 Rock?  The Office?  Come on.  And why is Glee all over the place?  That show is trite and stupid.  I do agree with Laura Linney as Best Actress for The Big C, though—she is amazing.

Of course many of my favorites didn’t get picked for anything: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Community, Scott Pilgrim, The Regular Show, Caprica . . . But nobody likes what I like.  Except, apparently, for The Walking Dead.

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