THE 12 DAYS OF ZOMBIES: Day 8: Shaun of the Dead.

One thing that makes The Walking Dead comic book so great is that it doesn’t make zombies into a joke: The premise of the comic and the TV series coming on October 31 is to take a fiercely realistic approach to the idea that the dead are walking, and hunting the living for sport. Edgar Wright took the pseudorealistic angle forhis 2004 film, even if he also made it a dark comedy.

This is one of the best modern zombie films, and easily deserves your eyes.

And for your listening pleasure, I’m sending you over to Bandcamp, where for 5 bucks you can get this pretty neat atmospheric “EP” (it’s very “e”–9 songs) called “The Zombie EP.”

Go here to get it.

And here’s a taste for your brain:

Zombies Forever-Cool Cult

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