On the twelfth day before Halloween, my favorite blog gave to me . . . 12 viewing recommendations to prepare for The Walking Dead! The show will shamble on in on Halloween Night, and you need to start getting ready! I’ve already done a top 10 zombie list, but these 12 are specifically to inform you about the state of the zombie nation today. Right now. As in, what are the essential ingredients of the comic book that will be adapted by AMC on Halloween night?

Of course, I’m starting off with 28 Days Later. The 2002 film was the inspiration for the beginning of Robert Kirkman’s groundbreaking comic book: A man wakes up, only to find everyone around him gone. The haunting, desolate shots of an abandoned London will stay with you longer than the zombies themselves, perhaps. Some fault the second half for becoming too “action movie” like, but man’s inhumanity to man is an essential theme of the modern zombie flick. That cynicism—that when the dead eat humans, the surviving humans will turn on each other, is an essential element of Kirkman’s brilliant narrative.

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