On of the great things about indie rock is that independent record labels often develop a “sound.”  Unlike the majors, who dabble in everything that they think will make them $$$, indie labels hand select artists who they feel will compliment their roster.  And this year’s Jagjaguwar addition, Wolf People, is a great example of this.  Jag’s sound is heavy and fuzzy and/or intense folk–the likes of Besnard Lakes, Black Mountain and Dinosaur Jr. complimented by Bon Iver and Okkervil River.  Wolf People, with their mix of Jethro Tull and Black Sabbath, represent the whole Jagjaguwar sound–they’re almost the epitome of the label.

“Steeple,” Wolf People’s debut record, is a grunge/psychedelia bash–a mix of early 1970s fog-machine metal and late 1960s “folk metal.”

Jagjaguwar, you’ve done it again.  What a great label, what a great band.

Tiny Circle

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