MAIN SOURCE-Return of the Castle

Joining the waves and waves of artists willing to give their art away for free, Main Flow come with it, joined by Chali 2na, The Grouch, Esoteric, Justin Werner, and many others.

Check it out, and I think you’ll be shocked at how good it is.  Main Flow is one third of MOOD (with Donte–who is also on the album) and their producer Jahson.  They came close to getting signed, but you know how that goes: The better you are, the more skilled and the more you have to say, the less likely they’ll want to do business with you in a way that keeps your art pure.  So Main Flow broke out on his own with his WannaBattle label.

Return of the Castle is easily as good at 90% of what you’ll hear from the majors these days, anyway.  It’s got a classic, old school sound with modern production and hooks that’ll keep driving through your skull for weeks.

Understand (with Just Brea)

The Armory

Get it free at Bandcamp.

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