I swore I was gonna stop these “go away” posts–where I tell you how great all the other bloggers out there are–because just about NOBODY reciprocates, but I just can’t help it.  I’m all about the lil’ blog community.  I’m not much of a fan of the bigger, slicker guys–I like the D.I.Y.ers, the guys who like what they write about, even if they can’t write html, and the guys who support truly independent artists who need help finding ears.  So here I go again.

  • BIYL has an interview with Tennessee musician Lauren Pritchard.
  • MFR has a link to a new Mike Snow cover and a pretty nifty Fall mix with Cee Lo Green covering Band of Horses, among other things.  Of course, it’s all through this incredibly obnoxious player that everyone is using nowadays that seems to make it impossible to DL via Firefox–gotta use Safari if you’re a Mac Man.
  • Music For Kids Who (blah blah blah) has posted cool vids by Sleigh Bells and others.  I’ve always liked this site.
  • Go here for a free album from Minnesota’s Calling.  Good stuff.
  • And lastly, I just found this site and think it’s pretty cool.

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