LAND OF TALK-Fun and Laughter (EP)

Land of Talk?  Really?  Aren’t they kind of like The Sundays?  What the hell is Ekko doing listening to that atmosphemo tripe?  Uh . . . Enjoying himself, that’s what!

If you’ve never given this Montreal band a try before, this may be a good place to start.  The October 2009 release was an event: Lead singer Lizzie Powell had taken a year off due to voice problems, and her return brought a colleciton of songs that were expressions of . . . Pure joy. I liked this a hell of a lot more than their earlier work: Much happier, much more melodic, and much more . . . “Song-y,” I guess, is the word.  This is what music should be.

Get it from Saddle Creek for seven bucks.

Taste it for free:

May You Never

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