Yes, I’ve already been “scooped” by all the nerdsites with splendid banners and staffs and whatnot, but I was there for my second annual trip to Baltimore.  Here’s the highs and lows:

– I’m gonna start with a low, low, low: Adams Action Figures.  This jerk doesn’t have a website, and I’m not surprised.  He sold my 9-year-old a broken toy and then refused to take it back, and called my son a liar repeatedly, saying my boy didn’t get the toy from him or broke it by playing it with it (we had the item for about an hour, and had just removed it from the packaging).  He wouldn’t give the money back until I started raising a stink and another retailer, Jeff from Victory Comics Group, got involved.  Much praise to Victory Comics of Falls Church Virginia.  And hisses to Adams Action Figures.

Jeff of Victory Comics

– The Harvey Award winners were pretty spot-on, agreeing with me about Best Writer/Ongoing Series (Robert Kirkman/The Walking Dead); Best Inker (Klaus Janson); Best New Talent/New Series (Ron Guillory/Chew).  If you’re not reading The Walking Dead and Chew yet, you just don’t listen.

– My youngest (age 9) got to meet Mark Waid.  Waid is a supercool guy, and he seemed impressed that my son is the youngest Irredeemable fan in existence.  My son got a huge kick out of it, too.

– Getting a family photo with Deadpool and Lady Deadpool.

– David Petersen of “Mouse Guard” drawing Daredevil for my boy . . . As a mouse!

– D.C. announced that there will be a new Batman Beyond ongoing series, after the current miniseries is over.  No word on who will be the creative team.

– Marvel’s Tom Brevoort said Marvel has no plans to exit quickly from the horrible vampire storyline in X-Men.

– And, sadly, the brilliant Jonathan Hickman’s Secret Warriors series will end with issue #27.  A damn shame, as that book is a shining star in the history of Nick Fury.

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