This week, I’m busting out the latest capes and cowl news by category, with this post on movies to be followed by posts on TV and print.  Digg in and enjoy!

– The Green Lantern film is wrapped, and two sequels are already in development for a one-a-year release (2011-13).  Check out the still shot of my favorite GLC member: Kilowog!

– James Cameron is making a deal to simultaneously shoot two Avatar sequels.

– So, uh, why can’t they do this with Spider-Man, or do a two-part Avengers movie?

– Speaking of Marvel Studios, they’ve floated ideas for some post-Avengers movies, including Nick Fury, Iron Fist, Black Panther, Dr. Strange, and a film based on the Grant Morrison/JMS books about The Guardians of the Galaxy.  (Speaking of Black Panther, anyone know why the motion comic was pulled off of iTunes before I could buy it?)  The rumors are that that Iron Fist flick would be based on the Brubaker/Fraction/Aja series (thumbs up!).

– There’s been some more buzz about Robert Rodriguez directing “Deadpool” starring Ryan Reynolds.  Sounds like they’re talking $$ now, which is a good sign.

– Tony “Enemy of the State” Scott will be directing a movie based on Mark Millar’s fair-to-middling “Nemesis” comic (which has only two issues published so far).

– Runaways has begun casting and will begin shooting in January.  It’s being called a “Disney” film, so I guess we’ll see for the first time how the Marvel/Disney merger will affect Marvel film content.

– Director Adam (“lots of crappy Will Ferrell movies”) McKay says the script for the film version of Garth Ennis/Darrick Robertson’s “The Boys” is almost complete and is true to the comic, and says the film will have a hard R rating.  That’s all well and good, but McKay has never done anything worth seeing, so I am skeptical.  Plus: It might be in 3-D.  Which I hate.

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