JR & PH7-The EP

There have never been enough quality lady rappers. I mean, sure, they’ve always been around: Jean Grae, MC Lyte, Lauryn Hill, Queen Latifah, Lil’ Kim . . . But the reason you can name most of them is because there are so few that break through. So for me, the best part of JR & PH7’s new EP is the cut by Eternia. She’s got a great voice, solid flow, and better-than-average lyrics. But if you’re interested in this EP, it’s probably not for her. Or for the other featured rappers here, which include Ohmega Watts, Termanology, Trek Life, Oddissee, The Residents, and Waxolutionists. You’re here because Germany’s production team JR & PH7’s “The Standard” was one of the better slept-on LPs of the 2009s. The beats they make are crisp and vibrant, and make anyone sound good, really. Not to denigrate the rappers here–they’re all solid underground wordsmiths.
Check it out on iTunes or wherever you’re getting your tunes these days.

From L.A. to the World feat. Trek Life

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