The worst thing–and the only bad thing–about The Black Rabbits is their name.  It sounds so common, so plain, so much like so many other bands out there.  In fact, it sounds a lot like a band that The Black Rabbits sound a lot like: The White Rabbits.  It almost made me toss this EP out without even listening to it.

That would have been a mistake.

The Black Rabbits are from the rhythm and blues school of indie rock–think Spoon–that stresses funk and beat and hook.  It’s purist indie rock–no tinges of Americana or wildly experimental navel gazing–just straight-up solid songs designed for dancing and long drives and Zooey Deschannel movies.  The result is a kick-ass EP that sucks you in with “Hurry Hurry” and never lets go.  Lead singer/songwriter Jetson Black has just enough gravel and oomph to push every song past the ordinary baseline, and they’re well-supported by the pitch-perfect supporting vocals of keyboardist Kim Drake (think Emily Haines).  At least, I think that’s Ms. Drake–it could be bassist Natalie Smallish.  Whatever.  Ms. Smallish deserves a mention anyway, since her basslines and Skyler Black’s drumming are the engine that gives the band its turbo power.   Trying to figure out which song to tease you with is almost impossible, because they’re all perfect.  Yes, perfect.

This is a truly amazing debut.  I can’t wait to hear what comes next.

For fans of: Spoon, The White Rabbits, The Pixies, The Raconteurs.

Hurry Hurry

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