About the time garth ennis was becoming GARTH ENNIS, he teamed up with a little known female artist named Amanda Conner on a 2002 one-shot graphic novel (emphasis on the word “graphic”) about a hooker who got super powers: A potty mouth chainsmoker with a bad attitude who got her boosts from ingesting jizz.  Only Ennis could make that work, and Conner’s art saved the product from being little more than crass pornography.  Actually, the book is pretty good.  Not as fully formed as Ennis’ (very, very similar) work on Hitman for D.C. and his creator-owned project, The Boys, and certainly not as thoughtful or well-written as his Punisher work (the pinnacle of his greatness), but it had its charms.  And I’d pretty much buy anything drawn by Conner.

Anyway, the damn thing’s been animated.

Never thought I’d see that.

And unfortunately, you still can’t see it. For some reason, they’ve removed all traces of it from teh internets. Guess you’ll have to make do with this “motion comic”.

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