The coolest thing about Royal Canoe‘s “The Co-Op Mode” is that the band collaborated on writing all of the songs–it’s a true band album.  This creates a party atmosphere for this indie-pop record that sounds like Vampire Weekend might, if that band was actually alive.  I’ve always said that VW are pretty flat, and Royal Canoe adds the much-needed spark of improvisation.

No, wait, that’s not true.  The coolest thing about this album is the grinding beat of “Red House Row,” an awesomely perfect pop song.

No, that’s not true.  The best thing is the cover!  It’s a scream!

I guess there’s a lot to recommend this record.  Check it out.

Me Loving Your Money
July 3 Winnipeg, MB @ West End Cultural Centre
July 8 Regina, SK @ O’Hanlon’s
July 9 Saskatoon, SK @ Amigos Cantina
July 10 Edmonton, AB @ Brixx Bar & Grill
July 12 Penticton, BC @ Voodoos
July 13 Vancouver, BC @ The Media Club
July 16 Calgary, AB @ Broken City
July 22 Ottawa, ON @ Zaphod Beeblebrox
July 23 Montreal, QC @ Lee’s Trois Minots
July 24 Toronto, ON @ Sneaky Dee’s
Aug. 27 Morden, MB @ Morden Corn And Apple Festival

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