TELEVISION PERSONALITIES-A Memory is Better Than Nothing

What the hell is this?  It sounds a little like Billy Bragg or Frank Turner or Joe Strummer . . . Or maybe The Libertines?  Sex Pistols?

After a couple weeks of generally mediocre submissions hitting the mailbag, in comes Television Personalities latest “last” album, A Memory is Better Than Nothing.  The band, the brainchild of Dan Treacy, has been making arty punk for a while now, like since 1978.  Is this new album their best?  No.  But it’s damn good.  Standout, rousing bar sing-alongs like “She’s My Yoko” and “Walk Towards the Light” are sentimental yet genuine; “Except for Jennifer” is moody psychedelia at its best; and “The Girl in the Hand Me Down Clothes” is a nice little pop number, albeit a slow one.  There’s no barnburners here, no radio-friendly hits, and none are needed.  It’s very cool to hear a guy who has been around for so long and can still punch out a solid, contemporary-sounding album.

I really liked this album a lot, and I like it more each time I hear it.  And the fact that Pitchfork hated it should be even more of a reason for you to go seek it out.  On Rocket Girl records.

She’s My Yoko


Substitute-Frank Turner

Time For Heroes (The Libertines cover)-Graham Coxon

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