MATT POND PA-The Dark Leaves

It’s been three years since Matt Pond PA released new studio material, and that’s too long.  Or maybe it’s just the right amount of time, because this is the first record that Pond et al. have put out that I’ve enjoyed end to end.  The songs are smooth, somewhat dark indie rock tunes, that don’t stray far from Pond’s past work but that feel somehow better crafted.  The material feels earthier—more grounded and organic—than the band’s past work, which could sometimes border on being sterile.  It’s not that it is a deep record, just that it is better crafted and more imaginative than I expected.  Plus, it clocks in at under 45 minutes, and the time whips by.  It’s well-paced, structured, and easy to lose yourself in this album.  Perfect for awkward lovers wrapped in painful romance.  Y’know, like Michael Cera or something like that.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Running Wild

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