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The Salts Officially Break Up!
The Salts Offering all their recorded music for FREE (3 albums, 33 songs)

Chicago, Illinois –  Three piece indie/rock/alternative Chicago Supergroup The Salts have officially broke up on March 29th, 2010.  The Salts really never had a chance to show the world new tracks off their self-released second album, called Broomstick Rock Star (released on December 22nd, 2009). The Salts would love for everyone to have a chance to listen to the
music they put so much time and effort into, so they are giving away this new album, along with their other 2 albums for FREE.

* * *

The band members have gone their respective ways.  Travis Lee Wiggins is still continuing to play and record with his solo project Essex Chanel (, as well as with his other two current bands, The Personal FX ( and Dolphins Swimming ( Mike Rice is starting a new band (for the present time you can visit (  Luke Krause has been playing drums for City at Large

The Salts would like to thank all their fans for all their support during the years.
Download Broomstick Rock Star the full album with cover art here.

Download Do A Somersault! here.

Download Just A Pinch here.

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