Last April, I prayed that a group of really obnoxious looking kids called The Strange Boys would get some hype and love. Sometimes, dreams come true.  In the Red Records (Black Lips, Jay Reatard, Mystery Girls) will release the Austin, Texas band’s latest foray into organ-driven, 1950s garage-style nasal punk this month. The band has grown a little bit, but they still sound a bunch of weirdos practicing in their basement.  And that D.I.Y. sound is what makes them so much fun . . . And so damn good.  It’s the kind of music where anything can happen.  The single, “Be Brave,” is freakin’ awesome.  And you gotta dig the lyrics, too, even if you have to strain to understand them sometimes.  A favorite is from the lead-off track, “I See,” which goes: “Tonight’s dinner is tomorrow’s shit/Enjoy it before it stinks.”  It sounds like it’s trying to be profound, but comes off as just rude.  Love that.

The album is already out in Europe, and I’m warning you: Don’t sleep on it.  The Strange Boys fucking kick ass.

I See

Video for “Be Brave,” with lightswitch-flickering strobe effects!

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