A-one, A-two, A-three mixtapes for your earhole today . . .

First, B.o.B., ’cause it’s the best of the lot. Some of this is stuff Bobby Ray has released before (a full version of his certified mixtape hit, “The Biz) but some is new.  The imaginative title (May 25) refers to the date of his thrice-delayed full debut album release, B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray. B.o.B. is playful as always, like a very good version of Asher Roth (or I should say Roth is like a very lame version of B.o.B.), skilled as Big Boi, and with gust spots from J. Cole, mixing by DJs Drama and Sense, and plenty of great rhymes.

Taste The Biz

or just score the whole thing: Link.

Next, Joell Ortiz, whose track record is pretty uneven.

I was pretty disappointed in Slaughterhouse, a 2009 release that featured two great underground rappers who have been dicked over by the majors, but I still say that Joe Buddens’ Mood Music Mixtapes 1 and 2 and Joell Ortiz’s Bodega are some of the best street rap ever made.  Period.

The beats on this mixtape are fly, and Ortiz does a much better job here.  A little too must guest spots and R&B, not enough Joell, but still a solid release.

01 Joell Ortiz & Novel – Defying The Predictable
02 Joell Ortiz & Novel – Ghetto Pt. 1
03 Joell Ortiz & Novel – Motherland (Feat. Spree Wilson)
04 Joell Ortiz & Novel – Hip Hop (Remix) (Feat. Jadakiss & Saigon)
05 Joell Ortiz & Novel – Stressful (Feat. Cri$tyle Aka The Ink)
06 Joell Ortiz & Novel – All The Right Moves (Feat. One Republic)
07 Joell Ortiz & Novel – Hit Em With The Shottie
08 Joell Ortiz & Novel – I Can Be President
09 Joell Ortiz & Novel – Here The Next
10 Joell Ortiz & Novel – Ghetto Pt. 2
11 Joell Ortiz & Novel – Fighters (Freestyle)
12 Joell Ortiz & Novel – So Much More (Feat. Papoose)
13 Joell Ortiz & Novel – We Aint Trippin
14 Joell Ortiz & Novel – Stand Up
15 Joell Ortiz & Novel – Like I Know
16 Joell Ortiz & Novel – Duffle Bag Boy (Freestyle) (Feat. Short Dawg)
17 Joell Ortiz & Novel – Raindrops (Feat. Slaughterhouse)

Link 1Link 2.


A lot of the songs here were on his “No Mixtape” release, but there’s a few new ones, too.  And any Bun is good Bun, right?


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