MEET HOLLYWOOD FLOSS . . . The Next Greatest Rapper Alive?

Hollywood F.L.O.S.S. (Flawless Lawless Opposing Stagnant Situations)) is about as un-Hollywood as he can be with that alias.  He makes true hip hop, not commercialized hooks, he’s a young fresh voice, and his 2009 mixtape was the sixth best album of 2009.  He’s tough to reach, but I managed to get him to answer a few questions for us.  He’s got big, but unspecified, plans for 2010 . . . Listen to the track below while you read his words.

Art or Fiscal Intelligence

* * * * *

BP: Welcome to Berkeley Place, my little corner on the net.

HF: First of all thanks for even taking your time out to interview me, I appreciate it and it means alot!

BP: Thanks back. It’s an honor to have you, truly. I don’t know a whole lot about your background—is Art of Fi$cal Intelligence your first full-length?

HF: Nah that’s cool, I dont want people to feel like they know everything about me, and then they get bored. Sometimes it’s good to keep them guessing. But to answer your question Art or Fiscal is my first full length LP/mixtape project. I’ve had mixtapes before but this was the first LP and original beats as a solo artist.

BP: The production on the mixtape is extraordinary. Is that mostly you?

HF: Word! Thanks for the compliment, the production is definitely 90% me. I produced everything except Cougars, that was by Chris Rockaway.

BP: Hm. And Cougars is my least favorite track on the album. I like it, but it seems a little more obvious than the rest of your work, which is higher-level stuff, in my opinion. But I know you’ve done other work as a producer—can you namedrop a few of those projects for my readers, who might want to hear more from your work on the boards?

HF: Underground projects with Swishahouse artist Big Tike and 50/Fifty, Dustin Prestige of, and Fat Tony of Houston, Texas. I try to produce as much as possible for myself as a necessity but i will give beats away to certain artist if they really want it.

BP: Any rappers out there you’d really like to produce?

HF: Oh yea, i’d love to produce for Lupe Fiasco, Wiz Khalifa, Dom Kennedy, Curren$y, and Nas … I really would like to sit in the studio and scope a
new sound for each one of them… give them directions etc… Not just the old send a beat and work, but actually starting from scratch and creating

BP: Very respectable list. Lupe just dropped a new mixtape. Are there any producers you’d like to produce you, or do you think you do yourself the best?

HF: You know what i think i produce myself well, but i’m open to all options, and could see some good songs coming from Madlib or Oh NO, Polow Da Don, Thom Yorke, Boi 1da has sick production and Will I AM… i try to mix things up and do the unexpected when allowed so that would be a good mix of producers to work with
BP: Thom Yorke and At least you don’t set your sights low. You say your favorite rapper is Jay-Z on the mixtape. What is it you admire most about him? Is it his business acumen, his flow, his ability to pick the right beats ?

HF: Funny thing is my list always changes, but Jay stays in the top 5… I guess at the time he was my favorite and i admire his slick witty wordplay…Most would say he dumbed down and thats true, but if you pay attention, he has alot of sneak jabs and double entendres that keep him in the topic of best MC… his new work is been alright, but other favorites of mine are Andre 3k, Lupe, K-Rino(probably the best never to get fame), Eminem and Cee Lo.

BP: Did you like his last album? I thought it was a big letdown.

HF: You know what It has grown on me, but its still a let down… I expect the best from him, but i feel my expectations is what causes me not to enjoy it as much as i could… Def. Thank You, Already Home, Star is Born and On to the Next are my standout tracks…But yea, the way it was hyped had me searching for a lil different album.

BP: Something I really admire about your work is that there’s very little need for gangsta posing, drug talk, or streams of profanity. Instead, you rap a lot about inspiration and, without saying so, you seem to be rapping about God. Do you talk about your religion at all, or is it too personal to ask about it?

HF: The gangsta posing will not happen, thats not me and never has been, so i coulndt even see myself trying to go that way, only if i’m doing a creative story then maybe…Drug talk, Nahhh never did it and you can go getvthat from 100’s of rappers, profanity does happen, but i figure if you can find words to replace every now and again you not studying your craft strong enough…The inspiration and the hunger to do better is what i love to rap about…its a place i’m familiar with! … I mention God to let listeners know i do believe in a higher being and none of the things i do can go without him, but am i perfect Noooo… i make my mistakes like anyone– So i hope people understand i’m here to provide entertainment through my eyes and experiences… I’ll talk/rap about anything, i have nothing to hide!

BP: Most rappers use spirituality as a way to make themselves seem “better” than other rappers, but for you it seems natural—“money falling out the
sky/who gonna take it”; I am right, that is a God reference, right?

HF: Well cause I’m really not better than anyone, I’m just doing what i like to do and I feel like NO one can take how you want to make music away from you… If you dont like my music then create what you like yourself… I do this for me, my therapy and if you like it thats a bonus lol … But that line is a mix of God and the hustle/motivation correct.

BP: Do you think something in particular accounts for the spirituality of your music?

HF: My parents and the way i was brought up… matter of fact being around anyone who had a hand in raising me and drilling church and understanding your spirit mos def.

BP: You’ve said your High School was mostly white—I was a white kid mostly with black kids at my school. What does being in the minority do to you artistically, do you think?

HF: I cant stress how great that was for me… It really opens your eyes and helps you understand and develop a sense of CULTURE and being well rounded… You get the best of both worlds and you can take the good and evil out of both… I thank my mom for that, no telling where i’d be if she had not of done that.

BP: Okay, here’s the one everyone asks: Who are the best dudes in hip hop today?

HF: alright lol, so many… but i enjoy Lupe Fiasco, Phonte, K-RIno (check him out yall) Elzhi, Eminem, Andre 3k & Ceelo, Joell Ortiz New – J. Cole ( he’s a beast)
Producers Black Milk, Just Blaze, and I really like what Justice League is bringing to the table and it wouldnt be right if i didnt say Hollywood FLOSS, once people
understand my vision and i get that big stage… people will see what i have discovered in myself.

BP: Thanks again for coming around.  Please let us know when something new drops . . .

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