Matthew Hoffs and Susannah Sweet . . . Live!

If you haven’t checked out Matthew “Girlfriend” Sweet and Susannah “The Bangles” Hoff’s Under the Covers 2 yet, you’re missing out on an album that gets better with each listen.  Their harmonies have turned them into a single being–a Hoffsweet, or a Sweethoof, something.  Truly great record.

And now you can hear just about all of it, LIVE!

A few tastes and a zip.  Y’all know the deal.

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1.  I See the Rain
2.  And Your Bird Can Sing
3.  It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
4.  Who Knows Where the Time Goes
5.  Cinnamon Girl
6.  Alone Again Or
7.  Different Drum
8. The Kids Are Alright
9. Sunday Morning
10. Everybody Knows This is Nowhere
11. Care of Cell #44
12. Rain
13. She May Call You Up Tonight
14. Run to Me
15. Manic Monday > I’m Wating for the Man
16. BBC
17. Girlfriend


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