Florida duo Ben Cooper and Alex Kane, who together become “Electric President” deliver pop/shoegaze of the highest order. Their album didn’t change my life–shoegaze rarely does–but it did entertain quite well. These two have been collaborating since about 2004 (as Electric Present, but also on the “Radical Face” LP in 2007) making quiet, romantic music.

At times, it can even be surprising. “Safe and Sound” is one such track, which ends with a promise to “come bury you, all safe and sound.” It is tragic and touching. The vocal qualities are very similar to Ben Gibbard, which works well with their musical style–melancholy ache. I was sent an advance of this record–I’m having trouble finding out the actual release date.

For fans of: Postal Service/Stars/Death Cab for Cutie. On Morr Music records.

Safe and Sound

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