BETHANY LARSON-Sticks and Stones

Bethany Larson is at her best acoustic.  Her voice carries a whimsical, romantic ache that bounces wonderfully against the guitar strings, as she voices simple lyrics about kissing on the mouth . . . It was “Why Don’t You Come Over,” the first song on her self-published release, that sold me on this artist.  I first heard it on the train, looking at the faces of strangers, and felt suddenly a part of all of them.

Larson’s voice is sweet and clear, even if it isn’t particularly distinctive, but she really wins over the listener with her songcraft.  Stripped down with a verse-chorus-verse structure, the songs allow for the emotion and sentiment to occupy all of the earspace.  The kind of songs you want to listen to live in a coffeehouse.

It’s not like me to review this type of album—it’s not poppy, there’s no hooks, it’s honest and clean and . . . Nice.  Yes, that’s it.  Nice, emotionally honest music that doesn’t try to make you feel sad or angry or even like dancing.  It’s just about love.  It’s not insipid, but it is sweet.  It’s not cloying, but it will make you feel warm and cozy.  And I bet if you play it for your woman, you’ll get some tonight.

Why Don’t You Come Over?

But I Love Him


Sister Goldenhair (America)-Counting Crows

The Same Old Song (The Four Tops Cover)-Iron And Wine

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