1.  Oh, God, please . . . No (Part One). There’s actual development on a Hancock 2.  As if you didn’t get enough sleep during Hancock 1.

2.  Blackest Night #5. Just a mention: Finally, something happens!  This is the first time that I’ve read a BN story—and I’ve read ‘em all so far—where, when I was done, I couldn’t wait to see what happens next.

3.  D.C.’s Ultimate Universe. I’m not enough of a comic-book nerd to know who came up with the idea of alternate superhero universes first, DC or Marvel, but I suspect it was DC.  Alternate universes, in my opinion, have always been kind of stupid and lame—at least when they merge.  Sure, sometimes they can produce cool stories, most recently when the JLA met their evil counterparts (one of the last few good JLA storylines, in my view), but usually alternate universes are the only thing that aggravate me more than time travel.  As good as the art in DC’s various universe crises has been, the stories have been confusing gonzo gang bangs that come off as excuses to move units.  They aren’t art.  Marvel did a good alternate-reality job with the “What If?” series because they didn’t try to merge it with our own universe.  When that happens, it’s a suckfest.  Jeph Loeb even ruined the Ultimates with some kind of alternate universe crap that I couldn’t make any sense out of at all.  I was happy when Marvel launched Ultimates not as an alternate universe, but as a reimagining of Marvel stories.  There was no need for Uatu or other means to crowbar it into the bigger Marvel U.

Well, DC recently unveiled its plan to publish a new series of “Earth One” graphic novels that will basically reboot its two major characters (which is a good thing, because Bats is dead and Supes is in exile, so fans of these heroes really have nowhere to go these days).  The publishing schedule seems to be 2 of each title per year.  If DC devotes quality talent (and it looks like they are) and doesn’t try to mix this in with their “regular” universe, then this idea could have potential.  Maybe even lead to a new line of regular books—not just graphic novels.  Superman: Earth One will be by J. Michael Straczynski (who did a great job rebooting Spider-Man and Thor) with art by Shane Davis and Batman: Earth One will be by Geoff “I can do every DC comic in the universe because I don’t need sleep and Grant Morrison sucks anyway” Johns, with Gary “I’m Geoff’s muse” Frank. The bad news is, they’re starting with origin tales.  How many more Superman origins really need to be told?  And isn’t Geoff Johns already doing on of these?  Oh, well.  I’m still hopeful.

4.  Oh, God, please . . . No (Part Two). There’s buzz that Smallville will get another season.  Although a pack of wolverines with axes in their teeth pooping out poisonous snakes couldn’t keep me away from the January 20th Geoff Johns penned 2 hour Justice Society special, this season has been remarkably dull.  Especially in light of how the show really bounced back last season.  It’s like they’ve run out of things to say.  Which they have, really, and D.C.’s fault.  Let him wear the suit already!  It’s not going to damage the vitality of your movie franchise (which, let’s be real, is anemic as it is)!

5.  There’s probably nobody working at Marvel whose work I enjoy reading more than Mark Millar, and both of his collaborations with Steve McNiven (Civil War and Old Man Logan) have been genius.  Now, they’re back together . . . On an indie project!  You’ll remember that after Millar worked with (my favorite artist) John Romita, Jr., on the best Wolverine story ever (“Enemy of the State”), they teamed up on the creator-owned project, “Kick Ass,” which will be a household name next year when the movie comes out.  Based on that track record, Nemesis should be awesome.  It will be published by Marvel, like Kick Ass, but it’s fully independent.  The basic idea is billed as a filthy rich anarchist who tries to take down the government.  Kind of V for Vendetta meets Batman.  Based on what I’ve read, it appears that there will be no superpowers involved, just raw guns-and-fists, and tech.

6.  Ronin. Sylvain White, the director of the movie adaptation of DC/Vertigo’s, The Losers, is developing a movie version of Frank Miller’s brilliant and prescient 1983 miniseries.  Can’t wait.  This is one of those books I always thought needed to be made into a moving picture.  Which gives me an idea for a post about comics that should be movies/TV shows.  I think I’ll write that post!  Watch this space for details!

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