KITTENS ABLAZE-Monstrous Vanguard

Do you miss the Bloc Party? And by Bloc Party, I mean the kind of exciting, unstable postpunk that made Silent Alarm the seventh best album of the last decade? Well, then, Kittens Ablaze might just be your thing. The band’s debut full-length is a collection of quirky, catchy tunes that mixes 2/3 postpunk with generous seasonings of Americana, dance-folk, and plain old indie rock and roll. Plus, they’re from Brooklyn.

The band is still raw–they haven’t been captured and homogenized yet, like what happened with so many great bands before them (see Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand, etc.), so now is the time to catch them. This is a truly fantastic record.

Seventh Round (YsI)


It Won’t Be long (The Beatles Cover)-Franz Ferdinand (ysi)

The Prayer (Bloc Party Cover)-KT Tunstall (ysI)

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