I am not a fan of electronica. Generally. But something about Royal Bangs’ Let It Beep rubs me the right way. Maybe it’s how they mix extended electronic musical pieces with punky lyrics and vocals that sound like, collectively, the band is about to explode–violently, colorfully, and, most of all, humorously. Some of the purely instrumental cuts leave me flat, but then something raw and percussive live B and E will come on and I’m reminded again that this band is . . . Inventive!

If you get this album, you’ll be surprised. You have to be. It’s like Beck, if he was a pissed off two year old with musical ability and a binkie. Or Bloc Party without the sadness. Or. Or. Or it’s not like much else, actually. It’s unique, creative, fun, and challenging. Check it out.

My Car Is Haunted

B and E

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