MF DOOM-Unexpected Guests

Look above you. Yeah, that’s me with an MF DOOM mask. It’s not like I’m gay for him or anything, I just admire his genius. He’s easily my favorite rapper of all time. And now, he’s released a “best of” . . . Kind of.

“Unexpected Guests” will not be for hardcore fans, but if you don’t have everything Metal Face ever did, if you’re curious, or if you’re a dabbler, you NEED to get this record.  It’s him with, as you’ve probably guessed, a bunch of guests.  Tracklisting after the jump, and a taste:

1. Fly That Knot (Talib Kweli Feat. Doom)
2. Sniper Elite (J. Dilla & Doom)
3. Yikes Scienz of Life (Feat. Doom)
4. Sorcerers (K.M.D)
5. Da Supafriendz (Vast Aire Feat. Doom)
6. Quite Buttery (Count Bass D Feat. Doom)
7. ? (DOOM Feat. Kurious)
8. All Outta Ale (The Prof Feat. Doom)
9. E.N.Y. House (Masta Killa)
10. Bell of Doom (The Prof Feat. Doom)
11. My Favorite Ladies (Doom)
12. Street Corners (Doom Remix) (Masta Killa, Inspectah Deck, & GZA)
13. Angels (Doom & Ghostface)
14. Fire Wood Drumstykx (J. Dilla & Doom)
15. The Unexpected (Babu Feat. Doom and Sean Price)
16. Project Jazz (Hell Razah, Talib Kweli & Viktor Vaughn)
17. Black Gold (John Robinson)
18. Bonus Track: I Hear Voices (Live) (Doom)

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