THE GRYNCH-“Chemistry EP” (Free Download!)

Mostly, when someone wants to give you something for free, it’s because the product either sucks or isn’t finished. But The Grynch‘s eight-song EP “Chemistry” is the exception to the rule. This is a set I’d pay money for. Grynch, a.k.a. The King of Ballard (Avenue, in Seattle), has a smoove and e-z flow, versatile vocabulary, and a knack for hitting the beat in just the right way. He raps about serious topics with a light heart, mostly about the struggle to make it in rap. And by “make it,” it’s not all about money to Grynch. It’s about skill.  And the beats are funkin’ amazing. In his own words, from the title single: “Bound to be world renowned, I’m sick/Everybody from the burbs to the hood feeling me/Dope beats, dope rhymes, good chemistry.”
Easily one of the best EPs of the year.

Chemistry (Feat. One Be Lo)

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