1.  CD has updated his list of the greatest zombie songs ever, in time for Halloween.

2. It pays to browse the live music archive.  It was there that I found an EP by a band called “InHuman Project.”  It’s an interesting industrial/noise recording.  Direct download the whole thing here.

3.  I also found this cool cover by Charlotte Martin.  Obstacle #1-(Interpol cover) (direct download).

4.  Passion of the Weiss pays tribute to Dam Funk, a retro-sounding new artist.  Check out the cool hip new tunes here.

5.  “Nightmare on Seven Street” is the new mixtape by G. Malone, featuring guest spots by Game Snoop Dogg, Bow Wow, and Xzibit. He’s West Coast gangsta, and this guest roster is all guys who were a lot better 5-15 years ago . . . But this tape is pretty damn good.  Git it!

6.  The “Best Songs/Albums/Artists of the decade” lists have begun in earnest.  Some are good, some aren’t.  I was thinking of doing one myself, but I don’t think I will.  It’s way too hard to pick out 10 or 20 albums that best represent 10 years of music.

What do you guys think?  Should I do one?

7.  Tahiti 80 have a new song out for download (direct link).  I’ve got a soft spot for these cute nerds.

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