BK-ONE-Radio Do Canibal

Brother Ali’s DJ, BK-One, has released an album featuring Ali and others over BK’s terrific underground, original beats, with a Central/South American flavor.  The music is, as you’d expect, fantastic.  Some of the best of the year.  And of course the rhymes are fire–with contributions by (takes deep breath, and gets ready to spit the names of just about every great underground rapper alive) Slug (of Atmosphere), Brother Ali, the always amazing Haiku D’ Etat (Aceyalone, Myka 9 & Abstract Rude), Phonte, Raekwon, Black Thought, P.O.S., Grouch (of Living Legends), Blueprint, Murs, I Self Devine, and Scarface—among others.

I have to say, I was disappointed by Brother Ali’s 2009 release, especially after I picked his last album as the greatest rap album of the year.  But hearing him here I see that he’s as great as ever.

I can’t recommend this record enough, and I’ve seen it at several online outlets for under ten bucks.  Support these artists!

The True and Living-Featuring Raekwon and I Self Devine

Blue Balls-Featuring Blueprint

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