CAVE SINGERS-“Welcome Joy”

It’s a swing and . . . Another home run for Seattle’s The Cave Singers, their second since the band’s amazing 2007 debut. It’s also another home run for label Matador records, who recently hit it out of the park with Julian Plenti. The Cave Singers’ sophomore effort, “Welcome Joy” (August 18 release date) is a little less esoteric than their first album, but no less creative or genre-busting. (It’s no coincidence that one bandmember is named Peter Quirk.) The songs here are little catchier, a little more accessible, but still full of inspiration and power. The band is unabashedly, unashamedly, unapologetically warm-hearted. Their sound can best be described as primitive indie rock. Extraordinary vocal work, unique songcraft and lush, full production makes it sound a little bit like . . . They’re singing in a cave.


Beach House

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