MOS DEF AND MF DOOM-“Def vs. Doom”

I guess this isn’t new–it’s been around for years–but I just phound DJ Phonetic’s brilliant mashblend of MF DOOM and Mos Def.  I’m gonna say something to make all the hip hop headz hate me: I’ve never been a huge fan of Mos Def, aside from the Blackstar album he did with Talib.  I dig his lyrics and his flow is all right, but I’ve never connected with the whole picture and mostly I don’t like his beatz.  But matched up with DOOM and he sounds great.  Check it out.

1. Intro (Frontin’ On That M.O.N.E.Y.)
2. What Is Beef + Beef Rapp = Double Beef Rap
3. Skit (Go Back Home DOOM)
4. Change The Beat + Definition = Define The Beat
5. Workin’ It Out + Fo Ti = Herbal Work Out
6. Dedicated To + Hip Hop = Dedicated To Hip Hop
7. Skit (DOOM & Def On Hip Hop)
8. Two Words + Supervillian Theme = Words Of The Day
9. Skit (DOOM’s On The Influence)
10. Ms. Fat Booty + Fancy Clown = She Dippin’ Around
11. It Ain’t Nuttin’ + Oh No = No It Ain’t
12. Bright As The Stars + Bergamont = High As The Stars
13. A Brighter Day + A Constipated Monkey = Stayin’ Regular
14. My Melody + Do It Now = On The Spot
15. Love Rain + Doomsday = Operation Rainy Day
16. Skit (Ain’t Afraid Of Women)
17. Ms. Fat Booty Pt. 2 + Go With The Flow = Go With The Hoes
18. My Favorite Ladies + Ms. Fat Booty = Rollin’ A Ms. Fatty
19. Summertime + Sorcerers = Summer Magic
20. Wanna B Where UR + Fastlane = Wanna B N Ur Lane
21. High Drama Pt. 3 + The Fine Print = Summon All Drama
22. Skit (DOOM Pulled A Switch)
23. Mathematics + Dragon’ Blood = Count The Casualties
24. Rock Co. Caine Flow + Brown Sugar = Nose Candy
25. Skit (Y’all Embarrassing & Ignant)
26. Ghostwhirl + Mr. Nigga = Mr. Spook
27. Skit (It’s Over)
28. Travellin’ Man + Vomit Spit = Air Sick


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